Sunday, January 4, 2009

This is a Test...a picture test

Yay! I figured out how to post a picture that I took on my Blackberry! haha 
It is not the clearest, but that is okay. Please note that I do not plan on posting a picture of every meal, but I will post pics occasionally now that I know how to do so. The pic below is yesterday morning's breakfast before spin class.
Arnold whole wheat sandwich thins, natural PB, a banana and coffee.


  1. Hi Andrea!! Saw your comment on my blog - what other types of fruits and nuts do you like?? I want to give the best Larabar recommendations possible (please respond on my blog).

  2. Here's my recommendations for you:

    - Apple Pie

    - Lemon Bar

    - Peanut Butter Cookie

    - Cashew Cookie

    - Coconut Cream Pie

    Hope this helps!!

  3. hi andrea! of course i will add you to my blogroll, you're already in my google reader hehe...

    im not sure why the blogroll isn't working when you try to add me... i wish i could help but i use wordpress, not blogger :/ are you using

  4. Looking forward to upcoming posts!

  5. Loveofoats-
    I have no idea! I am adding it and it is just not working. Please know I read your blog everyday and have been for a while now.