Sunday, January 18, 2009

The dreaded Sunday evening!

The weekends go way too fast! Overall I had a great weekend...very low key, which was nice.

After lunch I got in almost an hour of exercise. I did 30 minutes on my elliptical then I did a 25 minute Firm dvd.  It felt good to sweat!

For dinner I had Annie's Mac and Cheese and broccoli. 

After dinner my sweet tooth kicked in and I had a cupcake.  There is a great little Cupcake shop in town...that's all they make. They have all different kinds.  Matt and I actually shared 2 cupcakes. 1 was called Triple Chocolate( choc cake, choc chips inside, choc frosting and choc chips sprinkled on top!) and the other was called Chocolate Sundae (choc cake, frosting, sprinkles, a cherry and choc syrup drizzled on top.) I only took a picture of the Triple Chocolate. It was a last minute decision to split the 2 so we each had a half of each. Such a yummy treat! 

I decided since I wasn't making the chicken thighs for tonight's dinner that I'd throw them in the crock pot with whatever ingredients I had on hand. Now I have tomorrow's dinner all cooked. All I will need to do tomorrow evening is heat it up and maybe make a salad to have along side it.  I will post a review and the recipe tomorrow. (Although I did not follow a recipe, I just threw it all together.) The house smelled amazing and its tasted very good! Of course, I had a small taste.

I packed my gym bag and my lunch/snacks for tomorrow. I am taking a 7 pm spin class tomorrow. I am craving spin! Weird I know, but it is such an intense/sweaty class and I always feel awesome after. It will be a late night tomorrow, but at least dinner id cooked.


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