Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, already??

'Morning! Monday's are just terrible for me. I have a hard time waking up and starting my day every Monday. I did not sleep very well last  night. I set alarm earlier so I can get in a mini workout before work, but that did not happen. That's okay, sometimes we need to listen to our bodies. If I can, I will workout tonight, and if not, I plan on going to the gym tomorrow night.

I need to keep this quick as I need to get on the road and head into the office.
I was very hungry when I woke that very empty stomach feeling...weird!  While getting ready I had a cup of coffee and a banana. I will eat my oatmeal once I get into work. 

My packed breakfast/lunch/snacks for the day:    
- banana (in my tummy already!)
- Kashi Heart to Heart Oatmeal
- apple
- 7 Triscuit crackers
- 3 slices Turkey Breast
- laughing cow cheese wedge
- celery/carrot sticks
- healthy harvest strawberry applesauce (not in pic)


  1. I really applaud you for starting this blog and everything, but I think you would get a lot more viewers if your pictures were clearer and if you took pictures of the items individually or in smaller clusters.

    I hope that's helpful!

    If you change that, I will definitely be a regular viewer of this site:)

  2. Hi Maya, thanks for stopping by. I will work on clearer pictures. I hope you stop by again.