Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday is off to the right start!

Good Morning! TGIF! 
I am sooo excited that Friday is here. This has been some week.
I got in a work out this am which makes me very happy. I tried another one of my Firm DVDs. I chose a cardio one this am but it also involves toning exercises. I then got on my ellipical for a 5min cool down. Ha! You should have seen me rearranging the living room before I popped in the video. I needed more room, really but I managed.

I then made my usual cup of coffee and stovetop oats. Today's mix included quick oats, 1%milk, small mashed banana and then I topped it off with a sprinkle of dried cranberries and some natural organic PB. It hit the spot! Mashing the banana and mixing it in with the cooked oats really make a huuuuge difference. So good!

I did not pack lunch to bring with me for work. I did pack tangelo, an apple and I have trail mix and 100cal packs of almonds at work. If I need a snack, I will choose from that mix.
We are supposed to get some snow, AGAIN! I think tonight into tomorrow. I am going to hit up the grocery store tonight. I prefer to go Friday evenings rather than the weekends. It is less crowded and I like getting it over with. Tonight Matt is working late again, so I am on my own for dinner. Maybe sushi?? mmmm

Have a great FRIDAY!! Be back tonight.


  1. wow- more snow!

    Im excited its friday too! just a few hours between me and freedom!

    Kelly Turner

  2. i love having mashed banana in my oats :)

    i know you are in NJ, i'm assumming South Jersey? We are in PA and we're getting that storm tomorrow :/ Although when I left work today it was flurrying!

  3. Yay for Firdays!

    Loveofoats- I am in Northern NJ, Passaic County