Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm baaack!

So sorry! I have not blogged since yesterday morning. Wow it has been a BUSY week! Last night after work I had a chiropractor apt. I get a lot of tension headaches. A few years ago I was going to a chiropractor and it helped, then I stopped going. I decided to go again. After the dr apt I went to my fiancé's parent's house (he was there already) and ate dinner. They saved me a plate. Chicken thighs, rice and peas. 

Today's eats:
breakfast: kashi oatmeal, banana
snack: trail mix (raisins, craisins  soy nuts, almonds)
lunch: Amy's bean, rice and cheddar burrito, blueberries and carrots
snacks: 1 mini pb cup, 1 hershey kiss, almond bark thing
dinner: wonton soup, leftover chicken and broccoli and brown rice

Sooo my eating has been a little crazy. I know I probably consumed too many calories today but it's okay.

I plan on working out tomorrow am. I am going to rest now...I am exhausted! I promise to be a better blogger tomorrow.


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