Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sorry! Happy Weekend!

I am really sorry about the lacks of posts over the last few days. This past week was super busy for me on a work and personal level. Last night after work I stopped at grocery store for my weekly shop then came home, made dinner and started feeling really tired and blah. Matt came home from work not feeling well either, so I thought "Oh no!" I can't get sick! Guess what?! Woke up this am with an awful headache that won't go away...even after taking Advil and I am not feeling great at all. 

I hope to keep today low key. I do need to go to the bank and pay 2 bills at the mall. I also have a hair cut apt this afternoon. Okay so I guess that isn't too low key. haha

Last night for dinner I made meat tortellini, asparagus and garlic bread. Yummy! This dinner was such a treat and perfect for a freezing cold evening! NJ is in single digits and low teens. Bitter cold!

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