Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gooood afternoon!

Wow..I can't believe it is after 1pm already. Time Flies! Spin class this am was great! Much needed after the Holiday season of not working out consistently and one too many treats.  Hey, that's what the Holidays are for right?

So, after my shower I cleaned a bit around the house and got some laundry going. I just sat down to lunch. I was hungry but not sure what I wanted. I have had a Amy's Organic black bean and cheddar burrito in the freezer so I had that, a salad and water. Now I am off to go grocery shopping.  Tonight Matt and I are going to dinner with friends..not sure where yet.

I will be pack with my grocery finds.

Have a great rest of you Sat.


  1. is it weird that i look forward to grocery shopping every weekend?

    Kelly Turner

  2. That is not weird...I love grocery shopping too. I don't know why, but I dont mind it at all.

  3. I absolutely love grocery shopping! :) Those burritos are great for a quick lunch!

  4. The burrito was very filling! Oh man...I forgot to pick 1 or 2 up from the store while I was there. I swear I always forget something.

  5. Hey sis! Man I miss going grocery shopping with you when we lived together :o(

  6. Hey! I miss it too. I do like food shopping! I was "supposed" to just be getting a few things. ha!