Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I did it!

I baked muffins and they actually came out really good.

I used A Hodgson Mill whole wheat muffin mix as the base. I followed the directions on the box but added in chopped walnuts and 2 mashed bananas. 

I had one for dessert with a tiny bit of natural/organic pb.

Boy I had quite the appetite today. All healthy though...although I could have done without the pringles. oops

Good day

Today was a good day. I am feeling better. I am still very congested but I am better.
I took it easy and worked from home on my lap top. I drank plent of fluids, tea and water.

I completely forgot to take a picture of my lunch.
Lunch was a mozzarella cheese and spinach panini made on a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin and Pacific Food tomato soup. This was very yummy and feeling. For an afternoon snack I had mango, a small nonfat latte and about 8 reduced fat pringles. Not all at the same time.

For dinner I decided to make a super healthy meal. I had salmon, roasted vegetables (carrots, broccoli, couliflower, onions, garlic, seasonings and olive oil). I also had a baked potato with some olive oil margarine. 

I plan on resting for the remainder of the evening and getting in my bed and under the covers  no later than 9pm.  I need to get to work tomorrow.

Biggest Loser is on tonight!

Another sick day

Morning! I decided to stay home today and work from here. I am still fighting this horrible head cold/ear infection and I thought it would be best to stay in. I am really a hot mess and not pleasant to be around with all my sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose. haha Sorry!

My plan for today is to rest as much as possible and  work from my laptop. 

I hope to make all my eats healthy today and nutrient dense so I can kick these germs out of my system!

Breakfast was a great bowl of banana/PB oats with tea, and OJ.
I can;t wait to receive my Barney Butter that I ordered last week. It should arrive tomorrow. I have never tried it before.

My workouts lately, well, have been non-existent. I need to get back on track. Maybe tomorrow am I will try to get in 20 minutes of light exercise. I wish I had a yoga DVD!

I will be back later. Have a good day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Day

I worked had a day in the office and half the day from home. I am still fighting this awful ear infection and virus. I am on antiobitics, which don't agree with my tummy, so I have to make sure I eat enough.

For breakfast I had OJ, and a whole wheat bagelful. I got hungry mid-morning so I had a Kashi Strawberry Cereal bar. On my way home from work around 1:30 I stopped at BK. yes, Burger King! Yikes! I never have fast food. I got a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. It was really good I have to say. Today was not a good fruit or veggie day, as a matter of fact, the last few days have not been horrible, but not great either. I need to get back to balanced meals.

Dinner was French Onion soup and fresh warm rolls with a little margarine. I made a salad but I just couldn't eat it. I was not feeling it at all tonight.

The french onion soup was made with Campbells Healthy Request Onion Soup, croutons and Part Skim Deli sliced mozzarella cheese.

Look at that cheesy goodness!  

So guys my wedding is only about 4 months!! Ahhhh I am not at my goal weight that I was hoping to be on my wedding day. I need to get back on track a.s.a.p. I plan on starting my workouts again on Weds am and keep it up through the weekend. I think I need one more rest day.

Have a goodnight!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Officially sick

So folks...I fought the battle all week, and lost! I am going to the doctor this am. I think this mild cold that I struggled with all week turned into an infection. I do not like taking prescriptions, but I think this calls for an antibiotic. I can not be out of work at all this week.

We went out for dinner with friends last night then for dessert! I felt exhausted and hardly had a voice. 

For dinner we went to the CrabHouse. I don;t have pics, but you are not missing much. It was terrible. I won't even do a re-cap. I had salmon. It wasn't cooked enough, it was cold, and the shrimp, with lump crabmeat and mushroom topping looked like mush! I didn't eat much. The service was also terrible. There were 10 of us at dinner. Maybe 3 people like their meals. Not good.

After dinner we went to a cute little cafe where we all had ice cream sundaes! This was better than dinner. Matt and I shared a Giradelli Brownie Hot Fudge Sundae with Vanilla Ice Cream. OMG! SOOOO Good!

Today's plan...doctor, grocery store for a few things, then home to do nothing! I need to rest.
Matt is home tomorrow so maybe he will be so kind to help with cleaning the house and laundry. I really need to just rest today.

Breakfast was a large glass of OJ, tea with honey, and egg and cheese on Arnold's whole wheat sandwich thin.

Have a great Sunday! Be back later.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Working working!

Good morning! Sorry all! I was really bad at blogging the past few days.  I will try my best to get better. Work has been crazy! I need to go into the office for a couple of hours this morning. I plan on hitting up the gym on my way home this afternoon.  I would recap my eats from the past few days, but I don't have pics so I don't want to bore you all.

I have had that "I feel like I'm getting sick" feeling now for about 3 days. It is so annoying but I think I sound worse than I actually feel.

Last night I went to Target for some household items/grocery items. I found a new oatmeal. Archer Farms, Blueberry Almond Instant Oatmeal. I liked what I saw on the ingredient list so I thought I would give it a try. I am very picky when it comes to instant oatmeal. I had a bowl this morning with a small glass of OJ and coffee.

The oatmeal had a nice taste to it, but was a bit too sweet for me. Next time I think I might add some plain oats to the mix before I cook them to lessen the sweetness and also bulk it up some more. I also added too much milk!

I ordered my first Barney Butter earlier this week! I bought 3 packages of the creamy 90 calorie individual packs and 1 jar of the crunchy. I am excited to taste it.

Well I better go get going..off the work I go!

Be back later. Hopefully after I get a good work out in. 

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was in a funk day!

I was a bad blogger today! Sorry in advance for no pictures. Please don't give up on me or the blog. I promise to get better. haha
It has been one of those day. I was in a funk all day, mainly due do stress related to work. I have to be honest, my food intake was weak today. Not many whole grains, fruits or veggies.Ewww i just realized the only veggie I had today was the lettuce in my lunch burrito! That is BAD! Tomorrow WILL be better!

Today's eats:
Breakfast:  kashi oatmeal
snack- nuts/raisins/craisin mix
lunch- Chipotle grill.....chicken burrito with a few tortilla chips on the side
dinner-  low fat pancakes drizzled with a little light syrup and a perdue baked breaded chicken tender (weird combo!! I know.)

I told you...not sure what got into me! We all have off days...and today was defiantly an OFF day. I didn't make it to spin....again. I was at work until after 6:30pm and was stomach was weird this afternoon.

I am hoping to have a much better day tomorrow. I plan on getting in lots of good, wholesome food; grains, fruits, veggies, lean protein, lots of water AND a work out! My body needs it for sure.

I am going to relax and get myself out of this funk! I am watching the Biggest Loser.

Goodnight all!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I am feeling unmotivated

Help! I don't know what has gotten into me that last few days but I have really been down in the dumps and have felt horrible about myself. One thing I need to be honest about is the fact that I have struggled with poor body image since I first lost weight and began eating better/exericising(about 6 years).  It doesn't make any sense, I know! When I was at my heaviest, it really didn't bother me. I remember the days when I went to the gym 6 days a week, for an hour and 15mins every morning before work and on the weekends. I do not find it as easy anymore, especially with a 9am-6pm job. I try my best to eat a balanced diet and work out as many times per week as I can, but it just doesn't seem good enough.  I am not happy with the way my body looks and I want to lose about 10lbs and I just feel like it is never going to happen. I am getting  married in 4 months and want to look and feel my very best. 
I am sorry to be such a negative nelly tonight but I am just feeling blue. Anyone have any advice? Anyone been through this?

Okay on today's eats. I really don't know what my problem is but I could have eaten all day long if I allowed myself to.  Ugh! Before lunch I had about 8 small pretzel sticks that a co-worker gave me After lunch I had a Nature Valley PB granola bar. When I got home from work I heated up some Chicken Stoup that I made yesterday afternoon in the crock-pot. I said Stoup because it was a cross between a soup and a stew. 

In the crock-pot went the following ingredients: (I did not measure anything)
- skinless chicken thighs
- cubed potatoes
- carrots
- onions
- frozen peas with pearl onions
- garlic powder
- a little olive oil
- fresh ground pepper
- sprinkle of sea salt
- 1 can low sodium chicken broth
- a little water and 1 sodium-free, chicken bouillon powder

I cooked it all on high for 5 hrs in the crock-pot. This was excellent! It was so nice to come home tonight to a cooked dinner. All I had to do was heat it up.
While dinner was heating up on the stove I had some Reduced Fat SOur Cream and Onion chips. I told you I don't know what i wrong with me lately!

After dinner I had 4 small little choc chip cookies (tiny...from a 100 calorie pack)

No gym tonight. It was snowing....yet again I had to make it home to shovel before it got too late. Did I mention yet how tired I am of the snow! That's 3 times I needed to shovel in 2 days!

I am off to relax. I am hoping I will be in a better mood tomorrow. I need a good sweaty workout tomorrow.

Monday came too fast!

Good morning! It snowed yet again! I am soooo sick of this weather. I had to go out and shovel and clean the cars off. Matt is home from work today sick. He might have strep and he haas an awful chest cough. I told him he needs to go to the dr. Hopefully he will listen!

I am going to try to make it to spin tonight but more snow might be on its' way.

Todays's breakfast and lunch/snacks are packed up and ready to go to work with me. 

I also packed a small OJ if I feel like having it with breakfast. If I have it, I won't have the tangerine. I am trying to get in a lot of Vitamin C and other vitamins. I do not want to catch Matt's sickness.

Off to work. Have a great day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The dreaded Sunday evening!

The weekends go way too fast! Overall I had a great weekend...very low key, which was nice.

After lunch I got in almost an hour of exercise. I did 30 minutes on my elliptical then I did a 25 minute Firm dvd.  It felt good to sweat!

For dinner I had Annie's Mac and Cheese and broccoli. 

After dinner my sweet tooth kicked in and I had a cupcake.  There is a great little Cupcake shop in town...that's all they make. They have all different kinds.  Matt and I actually shared 2 cupcakes. 1 was called Triple Chocolate( choc cake, choc chips inside, choc frosting and choc chips sprinkled on top!) and the other was called Chocolate Sundae (choc cake, frosting, sprinkles, a cherry and choc syrup drizzled on top.) I only took a picture of the Triple Chocolate. It was a last minute decision to split the 2 so we each had a half of each. Such a yummy treat! 

I decided since I wasn't making the chicken thighs for tonight's dinner that I'd throw them in the crock pot with whatever ingredients I had on hand. Now I have tomorrow's dinner all cooked. All I will need to do tomorrow evening is heat it up and maybe make a salad to have along side it.  I will post a review and the recipe tomorrow. (Although I did not follow a recipe, I just threw it all together.) The house smelled amazing and its tasted very good! Of course, I had a small taste.

I packed my gym bag and my lunch/snacks for tomorrow. I am taking a 7 pm spin class tomorrow. I am craving spin! Weird I know, but it is such an intense/sweaty class and I always feel awesome after. It will be a late night tomorrow, but at least dinner id cooked.


Lunch and goals for the upcoming week

I went to the grocery store this afternoon for a few things....soup and OJ for Matt who is suffering from a horrible head cold, cough and sore throat. Just call me Nurse Andrea today! While there I went past the Seafood counter and saw that the fresh shrimp salad was on sale. I love shrimp salad, so I decided to get some and have that for lunch. It is probably not the healthiest, as they use mayo but it could be worse, right?
Lunch was seafood salad on top of lettuce with baby carrots along side. While making Matt his soup I had about 10 Sunchips. (not pictured, sorry. I ate them too fast!)

Last week was not horrible, but I could have done better by getting in a little more exercise and not eating out/take-in as much.  This week does not look as busy as last, so that should help.
Goals for the upcoming week:
1.) Bring snacks and lunch to work every day again in an effort to save $ and eat better.
2.) Eat more veggies and fruit.
3.) Exercise at least 5xs for at least 40mins
4.) Meal plan for the week based on ingredients I already have in the house. This should be easy since I went to the grocery store Friday and this afternoon. I plan on sitting down this evening and planning out the meals for the week. Lunches and dinner.
5.) Eat most if not all meals from home.

I was planning on making a pretty big meal, but Matt is really not feeling well, and will probably just have soup. I will probably just make myself something light and easy and save the chicken to make for tomorrow nights' dinner.

Be back tonight!

Another chilly day...

Happy Sunday all! I actually slept in today....got up around 9:45am. I did get up at 6am but I managed to fall back to sleep. I am glad I got some extra sleep. It snowed here..again!

I was craving something savory for breakfast, so I had 3 egg whites with american cheese on a whole wheat Arnold's sandwich thin. On the side I had 2 light breakfast sausages. I also had a small glass of OJ.

My plan for the day; shovel, finish laundry, help Matt with his homework, watch football, grocery store for dinner ingredients. I also hope to get a workout in there somewhere. 

I told myself I would stop going to the grocery store more than once to try to save money, but sometimes it is just too difficult to do! I end up forgetting things.

Have a great day. I'll be back after lunch.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hectic afternoon and a treat for lunch!

I had some running around to do this afternoon, so lunch was eaten in the car! I know, I know, not good! I went through the Wendy's drive through and got a small order of fries and a 5pc order of nuggets. Not the most nutritious lunch, but it was yummy and it satisfied a craving that I have had for about a week! Sometimes we need to just give in. I hardly ever eat fast food. Actually I usually go months without it, so a once in a while meal from a fast food restaurant is okay. Sorry there is no pic! I should have snapped a quick pic in the car.

I am not sure what I am going to make for dinner. I am feeling better, but stills feel blah. Matt is not feeling well at all, he an awful cold. I am thinking either Amy's mac n cheese with veggies, or soup, salad and fresh bread. It is so darn cold here today, even with the heat set higher than usual, I am still chilly. 

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

I will be back after dinner.


I'm back.  I wanted a separate post for breakfast. I had no clue what I wanted to eat this am. Eggs? Oats? Toast? Really, I wanted it all! I wasn't that hungry but I guess because I am not feeling well, I just wanted something comforting. I decided to go with a a great big bowl of oats. I didn't sit down to eat breakfast until almost 11am. Very late for me but I was busy cleaning and doing laundry.

I did stovetop oats made with 1% milk, 1/2 mashed banana, craisins, and tbsp of natural PB. On the side I had a small glass of OJ.  I really crave OJ when I am sick. All the extra Vitamin C is good for me anyway.

I didn't workout this am. I was sad to miss my spin class but I had such a bad headache that I knew I better skip it. If I am feeling better this afternoon I might do some cardio on my elliptical. I am not going to push myself. My body really might just need the rest this weekend.

I will back later. 

Have a great weekend.

Sorry! Happy Weekend!

I am really sorry about the lacks of posts over the last few days. This past week was super busy for me on a work and personal level. Last night after work I stopped at grocery store for my weekly shop then came home, made dinner and started feeling really tired and blah. Matt came home from work not feeling well either, so I thought "Oh no!" I can't get sick! Guess what?! Woke up this am with an awful headache that won't go away...even after taking Advil and I am not feeling great at all. 

I hope to keep today low key. I do need to go to the bank and pay 2 bills at the mall. I also have a hair cut apt this afternoon. Okay so I guess that isn't too low key. haha

Last night for dinner I made meat tortellini, asparagus and garlic bread. Yummy! This dinner was such a treat and perfect for a freezing cold evening! NJ is in single digits and low teens. Bitter cold!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm baaack!

So sorry! I have not blogged since yesterday morning. Wow it has been a BUSY week! Last night after work I had a chiropractor apt. I get a lot of tension headaches. A few years ago I was going to a chiropractor and it helped, then I stopped going. I decided to go again. After the dr apt I went to my fiancĂ©'s parent's house (he was there already) and ate dinner. They saved me a plate. Chicken thighs, rice and peas. 

Today's eats:
breakfast: kashi oatmeal, banana
snack: trail mix (raisins, craisins  soy nuts, almonds)
lunch: Amy's bean, rice and cheddar burrito, blueberries and carrots
snacks: 1 mini pb cup, 1 hershey kiss, almond bark thing
dinner: wonton soup, leftover chicken and broccoli and brown rice

Sooo my eating has been a little crazy. I know I probably consumed too many calories today but it's okay.

I plan on working out tomorrow am. I am going to rest now...I am exhausted! I promise to be a better blogger tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump day oats!

Good morning all! We are half way through the work week already. I got out of bed pretty easily this morning. Today is my rest day from exercise. I sure am feeling sore in my legs from all of the squats and lunges I have been doing with my videos. 

It is cold here in NJ. It is supposed to get in the single digits within the next few days. yuck! I hate the cold!

For breakfast I had a bowl of oats with mashed banana and a tbsp of natural PB. 

I packed lunch to take with me to work. I have been very good so far this week with packing my lunches and snacks. Especially now that I am getting a new car, I need to save on groceries and meals out. 

For lunch I mixed it up a bit and packed a sandwich. Turkey, low fat provolone and spinach on a whole wheat roll. Carrots and natural apple sauce on the side.  I spread a little bit of honey mustard on the sandwich. I hope it tastes as good as it looks! 
Okay off to work now! Another late night. I have a dr apt at 6:30pm. 
I will back tonight.
Have a great Wed all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a day!

Another loong day! After work I picked up chinese food then came right home to eat with Matt before we headed out car shopping. For dinner, we had wonton soup, chicken and broccoli and brown rice. 
(Sorry no pictures....I was in a rush.) 

Car shopping went well. I think I might have found my new car. A Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. 

My eats today changes a little bit from what I posted this am. For breakfast I had a kraft whole grain bagel-ful and a banana. Lunch I had my salad, and the yogurt with blueberries.

I'm pretty pooped now! I am off to bed.

Morning Moves and Eats

Good morning!
I got right out of bed this am, changed into work out clothes and popped in 1 of my FIRM exercise videos. I got in a good 30 minutes of cardio/strength training. It felt good!

I am running a little behind this am so I have to make this quick.

I am bringing my breakfast, lunch and snacks with me to work again today. (I pack extra snacks just in case, I do not always eat them all.)

I miss my stovetop oats but I have not had time in the am. I need to wake up a little earlier tomorrow.  My salad for lunch has nuts, craisins, and veggies. I am loving mixed nuts/seeds on my salads. It is a mix of baby spinach and romaine. I have my dressing in the fridge at work. Neman's Own Light Balsamic.

I am going to throw a granola bar in my bag too, just in case.

Have a good day! Be back later tonight. More car shopping after work then home for a quick dinner.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Looong day!

I hope everyone had a good start to their week. My day at work was busy, but it went pretty well. After work I met Matt at the Nissan dealer and we looked/priced out the Rogue. Very nice truck! I did not make my final decision because I do still want to look at my other options.

For lunch I had my salad, string cheese, Triscuit crackers and my tangerine. For an afternoon snack I had the Nature Valley granola bar I packed and 4 potato chips that a friend gave me to try. I was feeling very snacky all day. Not sure if it is hormones or what it is!

After car shopping we were really hungry and Matt wanted to go out to eat. We decided on Chilli's. I ordered the Guiltless Grill, Buffalo Grilled Chicken Sandwich. The Guiltless Grill menu has changed as they added new items. This sandwich is not yet on the online menu. This came on a whole grain roll with steamed veggies on the side. It was a good choice even though I really wanted fries! I am glad I ordered this though. It was very flavorful and I did enjoy it. I did, however, have way too many tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream (off of Matt's plate). I also had a few forkfuls of his rice and beans. I over ate a little tonight, but hey, it is okay. 

Tomorrow I plan on getting up bright and early for a work out. I already made my lunch for work tomorrow and picked out my clothes for work. Now I am off to relax. Another busy day tomorrow. 'Night!

Monday, again?

It is the dreaded Monday! I had a very hard time getting up this morning, like every other Monday. I only got in 20mins of exercise this am on my elliptical. It is better than nothing. I am going car shopping after work so I won't have to to fit in a work out. I am glad I did something.

I am bringing both my breakfast and lunch/snacks with me to work today. Since I won't pot again until late tonight, I will post both meals now.

The salad has olives, dried cranberries, nuts and carrots. I am bringing Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Okay I'd love to stay but I am running late. Have a great day!
Be back tonight.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is Sunday really almost over?

Wow! What a nice day at home relaxing with friends. I really have a tough time on Sunday evenings. Anxiety for the upcoming work week sets in. It is going to be another crazy week at work with the project we are working on. It is also a busy week for me personally. My lease on my car is up real soon, mid February, which means I need to start thinking about what I want to do for a new car...now. Matt and I are going car shopping tomorrow and Tuesday after work. Something I dread! Weds evening after work I have a chiropractor apt with a new doctor. I really dislike having things to do after work, especially 3 nights in a row. Oh well, sometimes life gets hectic.

Today was very nice. We hung out all afternoon and watched football and ate. I didn't go over board, and tried to make the best choices. It could have been much worse. Yes, I did have 1 too many tortilla chips and sun chips, but oh well! 

For dinner we ordered sandwiches from a local Pizza shop. Michelle and I shared an eggplant, fresh mozzarella, and roasted peppers sub. It was good! Sorry no pics of this afternoon's football snacks or dinner.

Since the next few evenings I have plans after work, I will need to get in am work outs. I CAN DO THIS!

I already made my lunch for tomorrow and ironed my clothes for work. Now I am off to relax on the couch for a bit and finish watching the game.

Have a great evening! See you bright and early!

Sunday eggs and friends

What a random title! Why is it that I always have eggs on the weekends? During the week I have oats (usually) and the weekends I always want eggs. So that is just what I had this morning. I kept breakfast lighter than most Sunday mornings because we are having friends come over at 1PM to watch football. We will have plenty of snacks and appetizers to pick on all afternoon.

Breakfast was 3 egg whites, scrambled, 1 slice 7 grain bread with a little olive oil spread and a small glass of OJ.  I of course had a cup of coffee and I just might have 1 more cup in a little bit.

I need to finish up some laundry/folding clothes and go outside to shovel and clean off cars. yucky! 

I might  take a walk to the local Walgreen's for eggs. I used up the last of the eggs and know that Matt will probably want some when he wakes up. He is the sleeper in this house. I sleep until 9am the latest on the weekends and that is late for me!

This afternoon's food for the game is easy, and pretty healthy.
- veggies and dip (Michelle is bringing it over)
- muti-grain tortilla chips, salsa and fresh guacamole (which I need to make)
- shrimp cocktail
- Lucky Jade veggie egg rolls and Lucky Jade Veggie Pot-stickers (I encourage you all to check these out. The ingredients are natural and the nutrition info is not bad at all.)
- buffalo wings (for the guys)
- Morning Star Farms Buffalo Chick'n nuggets (for Michelle and I)
- Low fat brownies for dessert

- If we need more food I will make a pizza!

Similar to last week's game-day eats! I am looking forward to a relaxed afternoon with great friends and good food! This will probably be dinner too as I know we will most likely be snacking all afternoon. I will do my best not to go overboard!

How do you all control yourself in situations like this or at a party when food is out all day?

No exercise for me today. I am very sore from all those squats/lunges this week and a double spin class yesterday. 

I better go get what I need done. Be back tonight! Have a great Sunday all!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Italian Style Dinner

Dinner was a last minute decision. I had a package of skinless, boneless chicken breast tenders in the fridge. I decided to make "healthier" baked chicken parm! It was sooo good. Very comforting....perfect for a snowy night. 

How I made it "healthier":
- used egg whites to coat the chicken
- only used a small amount of Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs
- Baked the chicken, did not fry or use any oil
- used just a few sprinkles of part skim mozzarella

On the side we had Barilla Plus Penne with tomato sauce and I had steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts. Oh I also sprinkled a little grated parmesan on my pasta! I loooove cheese.


Going to relax now with the fiance and maybe watch a movie.

See you in the am!

Home baked...

It's a cold, snowy day here in NJ. I decided to bake. Now, just to be honest with you all, I am not the baker! I am much better at cooking, but I felt like following a simple granola bar recipe. I got the recipe from Kath's blog.  I have made them in the past but I think they came out much better this time around.

I mixed it up a bit. Here is what I used:

1 and 1/2 cup quick oats
3/4 cup dried cranberries
4 mini boxes of raisins
1/3 cup of nut/seed mix
cinnamon (a few shakes)
1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
1 egg
1 and 1/4 cup 1% milk
dash of salt

I first mixed all dry ingredients together then added the milk, egg and vanilla. I then poured it all into a pan, which I sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. I baked for 40mins in an oven set to 350 degrees. 

The tricky part is getting them out of the pan without making them messy.  I did not have parchment paper. Sorry no picture of them cut into squares...maybe tomorrow when I eat one.

They came out pretty good. The bottoms didn't brown, making them a little mushy but they are good!

Spinning maniac and orange lunch!

Well my 45min spin class this am turned into a 1 hour and 30 minute ride! The instructor was staying after class to ride with her friends and invited anyone else who would like to join. I decided, what the heck! It was just a few of us in there, and it was great. 

After the gym I stopped at the grocery store, and again it was a mad house! It is cold out and snowing, just a little. People act like the world is coming to an end!

I was sooo hungry when I got home so I made a substantial lunch.  I made a turkey and provolone panini on a whole wheat roll. I used 2 slices of turkey breast and 2 slices of low fat provolone cheese. I scooped out the inside of the roll to remove of excess bread and also added fresh baby spinach and a roasted red pepper. 

This was soooo good! Very satisfying.   Along side I add baby carrots and ummm Cheddar Sun Chips! Yes this is where the orange comes from! I counted out 1 serving of the chips so now I just need to resist going back for more. Chips are a weakness for me but I was really craving them so I got them. Hey, everything is okay in moderation. 

Honey Mustard is one of my favorite dressings and dipping sauces. Last night at the grocery store I grabbed a bottle of Ken's Lite Honey Mustard. Silly me didn't read the ingredient list and it had HFCS! I was disappointed when I went to use it on my panini. I was bummed, but oh well. I really do not eat alot of foods with it, besides some dressings and ketchup. I hear that Organic Ketchup is without HFCS. Is this true and does it taste the same? 

Can anyone recommend a great healthier Honey Mustard dressing?

Now I am off to shower, do laundry, fold a bunch of clothes and clean the house. Fun fun! Matt is working until 6pm. We are staying in all evening due to the expected snow. A light dinner is planned and we hope to watch a couple of good movies.

Be back later!

Slow Saturday am..

Boy am I moving slowly this am! I am going to make this post quick as I need to head out the door to get to my 10am spin class at the gym.

I wasn't feeling very hungry when I got out of bed, but I knew I needed something in my belly before spin class...I also needed something to get me going.

I made a cup of coffee and 1 slice of Arnold's 7 Grain bread, with natural/organic PB and a small banana. I had a tough time finishing it all. 

I am feeling a bit sore this am in my legs, and arms. It kind of feels good to be sore...I know I am working hard! Yesterday morning's Firm video was alot of squats and lunges. Something I haven't done in a looong time. My goal is to tone not just focus on strictly cardio like I have been doing?

Today is going to be pretty low key, especially with the snow they are predicting. After the gym, I plan on coming home to clean, do laundry, and organize a bit. I haven't even made the bed yet! 

I also might run to the grocery store, because I of course, forgot something while I was there last night. I always do that!

I will back after lunch.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Let the Weekend Begin!

Yay! It's Friday evening! Today went well. Work was yet again nuts but it is all good.  After work I hit up the grocery store...it was crazy. We are supposed to be getting a snow storm here in NJ so you can imagine the people at the grocery store.  

I went out again for lunch today with co-workers. I ordered a grilled veggie wrap with fresh mozzarella cheese. It came with a baby greens salad with balsamic dressing.  

Dinner was Japanese and Thai inspired! I had sushi, just what I have been craving and a Thai Instant Noodle soup that I added fresh spinach to. This dinner really hit the spot. 

Friday is off to the right start!

Good Morning! TGIF! 
I am sooo excited that Friday is here. This has been some week.
I got in a work out this am which makes me very happy. I tried another one of my Firm DVDs. I chose a cardio one this am but it also involves toning exercises. I then got on my ellipical for a 5min cool down. Ha! You should have seen me rearranging the living room before I popped in the video. I needed more room, really but I managed.

I then made my usual cup of coffee and stovetop oats. Today's mix included quick oats, 1%milk, small mashed banana and then I topped it off with a sprinkle of dried cranberries and some natural organic PB. It hit the spot! Mashing the banana and mixing it in with the cooked oats really make a huuuuge difference. So good!

I did not pack lunch to bring with me for work. I did pack tangelo, an apple and I have trail mix and 100cal packs of almonds at work. If I need a snack, I will choose from that mix.
We are supposed to get some snow, AGAIN! I think tonight into tomorrow. I am going to hit up the grocery store tonight. I prefer to go Friday evenings rather than the weekends. It is less crowded and I like getting it over with. Tonight Matt is working late again, so I am on my own for dinner. Maybe sushi?? mmmm

Have a great FRIDAY!! Be back tonight.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A great Thursday evening

Today was a crazy, stressful day at work. I felt totally emotionally drained by the time I got out of there. I stayed late at work, so I missed Spin, BUT I came home and changed right into work out clothes. I decided to try one of my new DVDs from The Firm. I did a 25min Express Strength workout then hopped on my elliptical for 20mins. All in all it was a great 45min at home work out and I felt MUCH better!

I went out again for lunch with co-workers. We all agreed on Jose Tejas because we all love the salads there. Jose Tejas is a great Tex-Mex place near the office.  It was kind of a business lunch. We had alot of planning to do regarding this big project we are currently working on so we discussed it over lunch. I ordered, again, a salad with Blackened, grilled salmon. This salad was just as yummy as the one yesterday, but was served with a Mexican Twist. It had corn, and black beans! I asked for Honey Mustard on the side.

I had NO clue what I felt like having for dinner. The Fiance gets home late from work tonight so it was just me. I had lean, boneless pork chops in the fridge that were supposed to be last nights' dinner. I cooked them up for Matt. I was so not in the mood for meat, I know, that sounds weird, but I wasn't. I heated up some leftover brown rice, and cooked up some spinach and Brussels sprouts. I needed a protein source, but it was going to be meat! I looked in the pantry...Kidney Beans! Perfect. I cooked them in a pan with Non Stick Olive Oil Spray, diced white onion, scallions and Chili Powder. This was a perfect meal. I couldn't even finish the beans. All that fiber filled me up. 

I really want to start eating 2 meatless dinners each week. This will not go over well with the Matt, so I will do this when I am on my own for dinner. 

I can't believe it is is Friday tomorrow. YAY! This has been a busy week. 

See ya in the am.

Change of plans

I forgot that it is Thursday...spin night! I am going to do my very best to make the 6:30pm spin class tonight. It is difficult at times as I often get stuck at work. I would need to leave the office by 5:30pm. I really work until 6pm. I need to see how the day goes. If I don't make the class, I will go back to my original plan of working out at home. I wish I didn't have to work until 6pm. All the good classes are hard to get to.

I was not very hungry this am when I woke up, and actually had that" I ate too much the day before feeling." I think the steak last night at dinner was a bit too much for me. I decided to pack breakfast to have when I get to my desk instead of eating at home. 

I decided on a small banana, Kashi Heart to Heart Raisin and Spice Oatmeal, blueberries and pomegranate. A yogurt would have been great but I am running low on groceries. I will hit up the store on Sat. Of course I also have my coffee!  
Have a great day all! We are almost at the weekend. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a day!

Hope everyone had a great Weds. I can't believe we are almost at the end of the week. Today was a crazy day with work. I was out of the office most of the day, which was nice, but still work! 

Before my Manager and I hit the road for a business meet up, I snacked on a tangelo and a 100cal pk of almonds.  Good thing I had this snack because we didn't get to eat lunch until 3pm! I was sooo hungry! We ate at Legal Seafoods. I ordered the grilled blackened salmon salad with the lemon vinaigrette on the side. This salad was very fresh and delish! When we sat down we were starving. The waiter immediately served  us fresh, hot rolls. Of course I had one...well okay maybe I had two! They were small, I swear! I find it very hard to resist good fresh hot bread, ya know?

For dinner Matt and I decided to go out. This is not like us to do in the middle of the week, but I was tired and felt that it would be nice to not cook and clean up AND get to relax and catch up with him.  We went to Charlie Brown Steakhouse. Weds. night is free shrimp night...yes FREE, so I could not resist and ordered shrimp cocktail (about 5 small shrimp and cocktail sauce). I also had a salad from the salad bar, chockfull of fresh veggies. For my entree I order prim rib. I cut around the fat, although it was a decent cut...not too fatty at all. I am not usually a big fan a red meat, however, I do from time to time crave it. I ate some of the baked potato with a little bit of margarine. 

All and all it wasn't a terrible eating day. 

My FIRM Transformation set arrived in the mail today. I am very excited to get started with a strength training program. I do fine with cardio, but I have been slacking in weight training. I am getting up bright and early to try out one of the 45min. dvds that it comes with. I will start off with lights weights and work myself up. It seems to be a mix of aerobic and strength training using light weights. 

Heading off to relax. I need to get a decent night of sleep so I can get in a good work out in the am.

Weds morning blues

Hi all! Ugh, I am not off to a good start this am!   :o(
  • It's rainy, icy and cold out there.
  • No gym...roads are too slick this early due to ice storm.
  • I am not feeling my greatest. I  have an awful headache, slight sore throat and I am feeling congested. Uh oh! I CAN NOT get sick. I am also feeling very sleepy, even though I slept okay.
Breakfast was the same as yesterday. Stovetop oats, 1/2 banana, blueberries, natural PB. I also had coffee with a splash of 1% milk and 1 splenda, a small glass of OJ and took 2 Vitamin C.  (I tend do do this when I feel like I am getting sick.)

Well, today is going to be a busy day as I need to make a store visit. Lunch is unknown. I am brining an apple, almonds and a SoyJoy bar for snacks in case I need them.

I do not love the SoyJoy bars. I prefer Larabars but the grocery store didn't have them yesterday am. I need to make a Whole Foods trip this Saturday. I haven't been there in a long time. 

Hope you all have a good day. I will back later today.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Old Tues evening...and scale victory!

Hey everyone! I can't believe it is almost mid-week already. Work dragged by which was odd since I was so busy. This morning I decided to step on the scale...something I haven't done since before New Years. I lost 2lbs. I was very happy about this. Since July I have put on about 8lbs so I am trying my best to get back on track.

They were saying an ice storm for this part of NJ so I skipped the gym and worked out at home on my Nordic Track Elliptical. Some days I feel really lucky that I have a piece of exercise equipment right in my apartment. ...makes things easier when the gym is out of the question.

For a mid-afternoon snack I had a small handful of trail mix (soy nuts, almonds, dried cranberries & raisins). Sorry no pic. I feel funny taking pictures of my food in front of my co-workers. This is just me...I am still new to this whole blogging thing. 

Lunch was a salad with grilled chicken, olives, tomato , drizzled with Newman's Own Balsamic.  I had Triscuit crackers on the side. I did not eat the apple or string cheese shown. I was full and content after the salad and crackers. 

Afternoon snacks were a SoyJoy bar and a tangelo. 

After work I came right home, changed into workout clothes and got on my elliptical and did 30mins watching the News. It felt good to get some activity in today.

Dinner was very good yet quick and easy! Shrimp, bay scallops sauteed in 2 tbsp olive oil, garlic, parsley, ground black pepper and low sodium, fat free chicken broth. I find that using the broth makes a more liquid broth.  I added in canned diced tomatoes at the end. This I served over brown rice with a side of steamed broccoli. 

 If I get hungry for a snack I will probably go for some fruit. 

Tomorrow I will be on the road for work. I need to make a store visit with my Manager. I have no idea what lunch will be. We will most likely have a business lunch. Hopefully I can get a great salad and/or soup. 

Off to rest and get to bed at a decent time. Waking up for the gym in the am. Wish me luck! I have been having a difficult time getting to the gym in the early mornings.


Do you workout in the am or evening? What motivates you to get in an early am workout?

Monday, January 5, 2009

A bowl full of fruity oats...

Morning all! I am sipping my cup of coffee while I type. I have been trying to give myself a little more time in the mornings before work, rather than feeling rushed. It is nice to be able to sit down and watch the news and sip coffee for 10mins or so before I need to head out the door. 
I am lucky that my commute to work is not bad at all. I am only about 15mins away. 

How far do you commute to work?

Breakfast this am was a nice bowl of stove top oats made with 1% milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries and 1tbsp natural organic PB. 

I have been waking up hungry...I guess my body is getting used to eating "normal" again. The past two months or so I have def splurged.  

Have a good day all! I am hitting up the gym after work. I will be back late tonight for a recap.



Panini Press...Oh yes

Hello! Well another Monday is almost over. Today was a busy day at work but the day was okay. Monday's are always tough though! We need 3 day weekends.  :o) 

On the way home from work I stopped at the Produce Market for a few things.

-  whole wheat pita bread
-  french roll
-  deli sliced mozzarella cheese
-  blueberries
-  nut/dried fruit mix
-  potatoes 
-  roasted red pepers packed in water

For dinner tonight we made grilled chicken panini's using our brand new Cuisinart panini press that we received as an Engagement gift. I loved this thing, and see it the very near future for another quick and yummy dinner. 

My panini was made with a whole wheat pita, grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, baby spinach and roasted red peppers. I put Franks Red Hot Sauce on it! Yummy!
On the side I had a simple salad made with romaine, tomato, red onion and Newman's Own Light balsamic dressing. (This is one of my fave dressings.)

For dessert I had a serving of all natural, Wild Harvest organic animal crackers and pomegranate and blueberries. This hit the spot.

I already made my lunch for tomorrow and packed my gym bag.
Now I am off to relax for a bit.


Monday, already??

'Morning! Monday's are just terrible for me. I have a hard time waking up and starting my day every Monday. I did not sleep very well last  night. I set alarm earlier so I can get in a mini workout before work, but that did not happen. That's okay, sometimes we need to listen to our bodies. If I can, I will workout tonight, and if not, I plan on going to the gym tomorrow night.

I need to keep this quick as I need to get on the road and head into the office.
I was very hungry when I woke up...like that very empty stomach feeling...weird!  While getting ready I had a cup of coffee and a banana. I will eat my oatmeal once I get into work. 

My packed breakfast/lunch/snacks for the day:    
- banana (in my tummy already!)
- Kashi Heart to Heart Oatmeal
- apple
- 7 Triscuit crackers
- 3 slices Turkey Breast
- laughing cow cheese wedge
- celery/carrot sticks
- healthy harvest strawberry applesauce (not in pic)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A cup of Coffee a day...keeps the dr away?

As mentioned earlier, I love coffee! I found an interesting article pertaining to the health benefits of coffee on WebMD. I thought I would share with you all. 

According to the article coffee has many health benefits as long as you drink it in moderation and watch what you add to it.

Q. Do you drink coffee? If so, how often and how do you take yours?

A. Yes! At least 1 cup every morning, sometimes 2 cups a day. I usually use either skim or 1% milk. I occasionally use creamers as a treat. I use 1 Splenda in each cup, however, I am trying to cut back as much as I can on artificial sweeteners. 

His and Hers...

To keep with the Football Sunday theme...tonight's dinner consisted of appetizers. 
- shrimp cocktail
- mini veggie egg rolls (Lucky Jade brand...Nutrition info is not bad & good ingredient list)
- Alexia baked fries
- TGIF's boneless buffalo bites for Matt
- Morningstar Buffalo Nuggets for me (hence the His and Hers title  )

Dinner was good, quick, easy, yummy and felt like I was splurging! It was rather healthy though.
I already made my lunch for tomorrow, Ironed my clothes AND planned tomorrow night's dinner. Now I am going to go relax with Matt on the couch and read my Self magazine. I might also browse through the new Weight Watchers Magazine. I have followed the WW plan several times in the past, and did well, however, I decided that this time around I would rather not follow a specific plan. I do, however, still enjoy the articles, recipes, advice and way of eating. I just do not count the points anymore. Throughout the past few years, I have learned how and what my body needs to lose and/or maintain a healthy weight. 

I do not think I am going to be able to blog from work so I will do my best to blog early in the am before work and then I will do a daily recap in the evenings (M-F). 

Have a good evening!  See you in the am.
(If I strike the mood to snack I will grab some fruit or a pudding cup.)

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Q.- For those of you who live with a significant other, do they eat just as healthy as you do?

A.-  Luckily Matt has gotten alot better with his eating habits, and most of the time, is willing to try new things. He really does not eat many fruits, veggies and whole grains at all. His idea of fruit is a glass of OJ in the am! haha I guess that kinda counts, right?  His favorite bread is Wonder, White bread! yucko. Yeah, we are def complete opposites when it comes to food!

This is a Test...a picture test

Yay! I figured out how to post a picture that I took on my Blackberry! haha 
It is not the clearest, but that is okay. Please note that I do not plan on posting a picture of every meal, but I will post pics occasionally now that I know how to do so. The pic below is yesterday morning's breakfast before spin class.
Arnold whole wheat sandwich thins, natural PB, a banana and coffee.

Casual Football afternoon....

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. My workout was good...I am glad I got that in and over with. Before my workout I measured out 1/3cup of a mix of nuts, seeds and dried cranberries.

Lunch was split pea soup, the brand is Tbatchnick. I really like these soups. They are all natural and taste like home made. They are frozen and come in sealed bags. You put the bag in boiling water to cook then pour in a bowl. With the soup I had 7 Triscuit crackers, a laughing cow cheese wedge and some veggies. After lunch I opened up a Pomegranate so I have the seeds in the fridge for  the week. I had a few spoonfuls. 

Matt is a huge Dolphins fan and today they have a very important game. I watch football, mainly because I live with a huge Sports fan, but I don't really follow it.   So we are staying in all day and watching the games. 

I will be back tonight. Dinner is appetizer style, the healthier way.   Yummy.

What are some of your quick go to appetizers?

Good Old Sunday am

I love Sundays...especially Sunday's that we do not have any plans, like today! yay! So I woke up feeling pretty groggy and tired but I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed at 9am. (I went to bed close to 12:30am...way too late for me. 
I was hungry so I made breakfast right away. I had scrambled egg whites, and a sprinkle of low fat mozzarella cheese in a whole wheat flat out wrap. (my take on a breakfast burrito) Those flat out wraps are pretty big, so I tore some off. On the side I had some mango chunks and strawberries. (I have been buying frozen fruit.) It was very good but I could def eat more, but I will hold off until after my workout. 
I also had a cup of coffee. You will begin to notice that I LOVE coffee; all kinds, regular, flavored, decaf, lattes, etc. I have at least 1 cup of coffee per day. The weekends I tend to have more, maybe 2 cups.  I have done my reading on coffee and coffee is actually okay to include in your daily diet as long as you watch what you put in it. I use skim or 1% milk and sometimes a splenda. On occasion I enjoy creamers or half-n-half. (in moderation)

I have a Keurig single cup coffee maker that I am in loooove with!  

Plans for the day:
-  40mins on my elliptical and some upper body strength training
-  finish laundry
- maybe organize the basement and put Christmas tree down
- hang with Matt and watch Football allll afternoon

I will be back later for mid-day recap and my healthier "game day munchies" that we will be enjoying.

Saturday evening spent with friends

I am going to try to make this quick...it's after midnight already and I'm exhausted. Dinner tonight with our friends was great! We went to an Irish Pub here in our town. Michelle and I split a side salad with balsamic dressing to start. I am not sure if I was just starving or if that was just an excellent salad. For my meal I got a grilled chicken and portobello mushroom wrap. It has carmalized onions and swiss cheese. This came with sweet potato fries. I ate every single bite...plus a pickle and a taste of cole slaw. I really enjoyed dinner and do not feel guilty for eating everything on my plate. I felt the portion was just about right. 

After dinner we cam back to our place. I had a cup of decaf coffee, 1/2 a low fat brownie and some fruit. I feel like today's food intake was okay. Yes, I splurged a bit (out to eat), however, I am allowing myself 1 splurge mea a week. I really would like to lose a few pounds, and really just improve my overall fitness factor. With this means keeping calories and a healthy diet in check!

How often do you allow yourself a splurge meal? (I am referring to a whole meal, not just 1 treat.)

Well that's all for now. I will be back in the am. Matt and I have a very low key day planned for tomorrow. I do not plan on going anywhere. I am even just going to workout at home. 


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grocery Store trip

I have to be honest, I am one of those people who actually enjoy going to the grocery store. 
What I got this trip:
- 1 bag baby spinich
- 1 bag romaine lettuce
- 1 head of iceberg lettuce (for thai lettuce wraps this week)
- tomatoes
- 1 avocado
- 1 red onion
- turkey breast for lunches
- 2 boxes of Pacific foods organic tomato soups (one of my fave store bought soups!)
- 1 box low fat popcorn
- edamme
- Newmans Own light Balsamic dressing
- ground turkey breast
- skinless, boneless chicken breasts
- 1 fage yogurt...nonfat
-  laughing cow cheese 
- vegetable oil
- 1 can of diced tomatos
- bananas
- 2 rolls for Matt (he refuses to eat wheat bread!)

So that is done! I have Low fat brownies baking in the oven as I type. they smell so good. After dinner tonight we will have our friends over for coffee and dessert. Coffee, brownies and fruit.

I have to go finish up the laundry and organizing.

Be back tonight!

Gooood afternoon!

Wow..I can't believe it is after 1pm already. Time Flies! Spin class this am was great! Much needed after the Holiday season of not working out consistently and one too many treats.  Hey, that's what the Holidays are for right?

So, after my shower I cleaned a bit around the house and got some laundry going. I just sat down to lunch. I was hungry but not sure what I wanted. I have had a Amy's Organic black bean and cheddar burrito in the freezer so I had that, a salad and water. Now I am off to go grocery shopping.  Tonight Matt and I are going to dinner with friends..not sure where yet.

I will be pack with my grocery finds.

Have a great rest of you Sat.

A nice start to a Saturday am

Goodmorning! I just finished breakfast. I had a cup of coffee with 1% milk and 1 splenda, a small banana and a whole wheat Arnold Sandwhich thin toasted with a tbsp of natural PB.

I am off to get ready for the gym...10am spin. I have alot to do around the house today, cleaning and taking down the Christmas Decorations. Matt is working until 5:30pm. We might meet up with my best friend and her fiance for dinner.

Have a great day all. I will check in after lunch. 

PS- I am trying to figure out how to post pics. Please bear with  me for a while.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ordered The Firm Transfirmation Set

I forgot to mention earlier that I ordered The Firm this afternoon from Amazon.com.  I am very excited. I am doing okay with cardio but I need to start doing strength training again. They do say that toning burns major calories. I should be receiving it in the mail next week. I am going to try to workout with my Firm videos 3xs a week, spin 2xs a week and use my elliptical at home 1x a week. Wish me luck! I am really trying to be more consistent with my exercise routine.

Hello again!

This is going to be a long post as I will recap from last night through tonight. TGIF!!
Dinner at my parents house last night was very enjoyable. Dad made a great Turkey dinner....just like Thanksgiving Day. When I got there I saw a bag of Sour Cream and Onion chips! My fave chips...ever. So I had 1 big handful. For dinner I had turkey, homemade stuffing, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, asparagus and a taste of stuffed artichoke. For dessert I had a cup of decaf coffee with FF half n half and I shared a pastry with Mom...we each had half.

Today was back to work. For breakfast I had some fresh fruit salad, and a Kraft whole grain bagel-fil. I went to Applebee's for lunch with a co-workers and ordered a hot tea and water to drink and I got the WW tortilla melt. This was pretty good..I was impressed. It was similiar to a quesadilla made with a whole wheat tortilla, veggies, grilled chicken, low fat cheese. Low fat ranch dressing was drizzled on top and salsa and shredded lettuce was served on the side.

It was just me for dinner tonight. Matt is working until 9 pm. After work I came home and heated up some Campbell Healthy harvest Italian Wedding soup and made a salad to go along with it. On top of the salad I put Trader Joes Olive oil ceasar dressing and anchovies. (I love anchovies and they are good for you...healthy fats.)I had some reduced fat triscuit crackers on the side. After I ate i ran to Target to get some things for the house.

When I got home I defrosted some frozen strawberries and had a serving of organic, all natural animal crackers. 

 Anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? I am going to take a 10am spin class tomorrow am. I also need to take down the Christmas decor and tree and clean the house. Not much fun. We might see some friends tomorrow night. 

Goodnight all!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yummy oats

Hello again. So I got in 30mins on my elliptical and did some free weights. I just ate breakfast, at around 11:30am. I made stove top oats made with skim milk. I added in 1/2 a mashed banana, some pumpkin pie spice, craisins and a tbsp on natural organic pb. It was very good. 

Now I am off to shower, get dressed and head out. My plan for the day is to stop at Walmart for a pair of 8lb dumbbell weights and a new strength training video. I also need water bottles.  I have to be honest with you all, I have been slacking in the exercise dept the last 2 months and hope to amp it up. I have 5 months until my wedding day. I need to tone, and lose a few pounds so I can look and feel my best! After Walmart I am heading to my parents house for a new years dinner. 

Have a great day! I will try to get a post in tonight.

Hello 2009!

Happy New Year to all!

Wow, this is my very first post. I have been reading blogs related to living a healthy lifestyle for about a year now. I decided to become part of the blogging community and start my own blog in order to help myself reach my goals. I am trying my best to lose around 10 pounds through healthy eating and exercise. 

Last night my fiance Matt and I met up with 3 other couples at a Spanish Restaurant. We had 8pm reservations but we were not seated until 8:40pm. I was starving once we got to our table. We all dug right into the bread! I had 2 slices with a little bit of butter. We decided not to order appetizers and instead all got salads. Good choice. For my entree I ordered shellfish in a garlic, white wine and parsley sauce. They also served yellow rice, veggies, and fried potato slices family style. With dinner I enjoyed 2 glasses of red sangria. Dinner was very yummy.

After dinner we left this group of friends and went to my best friend's apartment. There we hung out and relaxed with her and her fiance, and another couple. I had a cup of coffee, some fresh fruit salad and 3 small brownie bites that I brought.  We rang in the New Year low key with our closest friends in a nice cozy apartment! It was 18degrees here in NJ last night.

Today I woke up around 9am and had a cup of coffee. I already did some laundry and folded clothes. I plan on getting in a quick 30min workout on my elliptical this am before I get showered and dressed. Matt is working today (darn retail!) so I am going to head to my parents for dinner. 

Just a side note: Since I am so new to this blogging thing it might take me a while to get used to it and post pics. Please bare with me. I am sure it will get better as I learn more.

Have a great day all!