Sunday, January 4, 2009

His and Hers...

To keep with the Football Sunday theme...tonight's dinner consisted of appetizers. 
- shrimp cocktail
- mini veggie egg rolls (Lucky Jade brand...Nutrition info is not bad & good ingredient list)
- Alexia baked fries
- TGIF's boneless buffalo bites for Matt
- Morningstar Buffalo Nuggets for me (hence the His and Hers title  )

Dinner was good, quick, easy, yummy and felt like I was splurging! It was rather healthy though.
I already made my lunch for tomorrow, Ironed my clothes AND planned tomorrow night's dinner. Now I am going to go relax with Matt on the couch and read my Self magazine. I might also browse through the new Weight Watchers Magazine. I have followed the WW plan several times in the past, and did well, however, I decided that this time around I would rather not follow a specific plan. I do, however, still enjoy the articles, recipes, advice and way of eating. I just do not count the points anymore. Throughout the past few years, I have learned how and what my body needs to lose and/or maintain a healthy weight. 

I do not think I am going to be able to blog from work so I will do my best to blog early in the am before work and then I will do a daily recap in the evenings (M-F). 

Have a good evening!  See you in the am.
(If I strike the mood to snack I will grab some fruit or a pudding cup.)

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Q.- For those of you who live with a significant other, do they eat just as healthy as you do?

A.-  Luckily Matt has gotten alot better with his eating habits, and most of the time, is willing to try new things. He really does not eat many fruits, veggies and whole grains at all. His idea of fruit is a glass of OJ in the am! haha I guess that kinda counts, right?  His favorite bread is Wonder, White bread! yucko. Yeah, we are def complete opposites when it comes to food!


  1. Ken will eat anything I put in front of him, whether it be good or bad!! He recently told me to buy everything healthy and he will eat it. He prefers whole wheat bread and will eat a turkey version of anything. Thank god!

  2. Your name is coming up as About Me..Change it so your name appears.

  3. hey,
    i saw your link from Cristin's blog and thought i'd check yours out, so far i like it : )
    I bought a box of those Morning Star buffalo wings and have yet to try them-how do you like them?

  4. I usually have one cup of coffee with lots of skim milk and one packet of sun crystals. Right now because we just moved I am coffee potless! Boo.

  5. HangryPants-
    What are sun crystals? A more natural sugar or artificial sweetener?