Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday eggs and friends

What a random title! Why is it that I always have eggs on the weekends? During the week I have oats (usually) and the weekends I always want eggs. So that is just what I had this morning. I kept breakfast lighter than most Sunday mornings because we are having friends come over at 1PM to watch football. We will have plenty of snacks and appetizers to pick on all afternoon.

Breakfast was 3 egg whites, scrambled, 1 slice 7 grain bread with a little olive oil spread and a small glass of OJ.  I of course had a cup of coffee and I just might have 1 more cup in a little bit.

I need to finish up some laundry/folding clothes and go outside to shovel and clean off cars. yucky! 

I might  take a walk to the local Walgreen's for eggs. I used up the last of the eggs and know that Matt will probably want some when he wakes up. He is the sleeper in this house. I sleep until 9am the latest on the weekends and that is late for me!

This afternoon's food for the game is easy, and pretty healthy.
- veggies and dip (Michelle is bringing it over)
- muti-grain tortilla chips, salsa and fresh guacamole (which I need to make)
- shrimp cocktail
- Lucky Jade veggie egg rolls and Lucky Jade Veggie Pot-stickers (I encourage you all to check these out. The ingredients are natural and the nutrition info is not bad at all.)
- buffalo wings (for the guys)
- Morning Star Farms Buffalo Chick'n nuggets (for Michelle and I)
- Low fat brownies for dessert

- If we need more food I will make a pizza!

Similar to last week's game-day eats! I am looking forward to a relaxed afternoon with great friends and good food! This will probably be dinner too as I know we will most likely be snacking all afternoon. I will do my best not to go overboard!

How do you all control yourself in situations like this or at a party when food is out all day?

No exercise for me today. I am very sore from all those squats/lunges this week and a double spin class yesterday. 

I better go get what I need done. Be back tonight! Have a great Sunday all!


  1. Everything sounds so delicious! I love Morningstar products too!

  2. eggs are my sunday morning staple :)

    Kelly Turner